7mm*200mm stirring rod


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7mm*200mm Stirring Rod


Glass stirring rod, stirrer rod is a laboratory equipment used for various purposes in chemistry labs. Glass rod in chemistry labs serve various purposes like 

  • Stirring and mixing chemical solutions in the lab
  • Ensuring safety from harmful chemical substances from skin contact.
  • breaking crystalized solutions
  • breaking the composition of emulsified solutions 
  • initiating the crystallization process by scratching the glassware.

Made of pyrex glass (glass stirring rod pyrex), glass rods are safe and easy to clean. The cleaning process involves swirling the tip of the glass rod into the cleansing liquid without skin contact. It provides safety and exposure to harmful chemical substances like strong acids in the skin.

Pyrex glass rods are heat resistant and can withstand heat up to 450 degrees celsius. This makes it efficient lab equipment to conduct stirring of exothermic and endothermic chemical reactions without melting the glasses.

This chemistry stirring rod is dense and tested for professional laboratory usage. Smooth edges and fine polishing to prevent breaking and peeling of glass pieces from the stirring rod. Completely safe to stir and scratch glass conical flask, glass flat bottom flask, etc.


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