Funbo Stretched blank canvas 380 gms 100X100 cm

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Funbo Stretched blank canvas 380 gms 100X100 cm


The Funbo Stretched blank canvas 380 gms 100x100 cm is a must-have for any artist looking for a high-quality canvas to create their next masterpiece. This canvas is made from durable materials and built to withstand the rigors of the painting process.

The 380 gms weight of this Streshed canvas is an indicator of its quality. This weight refers to the thickness of the canvas, which is an essential factor in determining the durability of the canvas. A higher weight ensures that the canvas will be more durable and have a longer lifespan than thinner canvases. This canvas can withstand the application of paint and other materials without tearing or losing its shape, making it perfect for creating detailed and intricate artwork.

The 100x100 cm size of this blank canvas provides ample space for artists to create large-scale artwork. This size is perfect for creating statement pieces that can command attention in any space. The size allows for intricate details and unique designs, providing artists with the freedom to create truly remarkable works of art.

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